Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Internet is full of parenting websites and forums with advice, but your own childhood has the most influence on your own parenting skills. The good, the bad, and the ugly of how the people you looked up to gives you guidelines of what to do or not do. I personally strive to be a great parent and set a great role model for our kids when they become parents one day.

Up until I reached high school, I thought my mother walked on water. I just knew that we would always be close...but I was wrong. The fights, battles, negativity, put-downs...put a damper on our relationship. We have an okay relationship now, but it could be better! No matter how old I am, I will always remember things from the hateful words said, never showing up to my softball practices or girl scout meetings, pushing me away...and worst of all, not saying that she loves me nearly enough. She apologizes for the past, and tries to make up for it now..but I don't want to be like that with my kids. Regretting how I raised my kids, when I can do what is right, right now.

My husband and I are a mastering being there for our kids whenever we are able. One or both of us (usually both) go to every practice, game, girl scout meeting, parent-teacher conference, parent volunteer days, etc. Our kids remember and love the fact that we are always there. They appreciate the time we spend with them, the games we play, places we go, and affection we give them.

One day today will only be a memory in their minds to be remembered.

It was no laughing matter...

It was no laughing matter...

Friday morning was quite a busy one. I decided to get done some much needed cleaning while the kids were running around playing well together. Dusting, done. Beds, made. Bedrooms, cleaned. Laundry, in process. Dishes, done. Kitchen, clean. My husband happened to call, just to check in, right as the dog scratched at the door. As I am answering the phone, I ask our 5 (almost 6) year old to let the dog out and put him on his chain outside. As with most 5 year old kids, you can't ask them a complex question while they are trying to do something (lol), and the dog ran out before he could catch him. No big deal, he always comes back.

The kids go back to playing as I continue finishing up whatever I was doing when all of a sudden my 5 year old his yelling for me, even though I was 12 feet away. The baby (21 months old) had fallen out the back door and hit his mouth just hard enough to be bleeding everywhere. I throw the phone down, get him and grab a washcloth from the laundry. While I am at the kitchen sink getting the washcloth wet, I look outside to see my miniature poodle being chased by three big labs!
So....I have a devastated baby with a bleeding lip in my arms, and I run to the door calling the dog (which runs right in) and a 5 year old upset and scared on the couch. It must have quite a sight!!

Everything calmed down after a couple of minutes, but those 5 minutes a craziness was no laughing matter!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Having a baby can turn your entire life upside-down, for most people for the better.
Becoming a young mother myself, really made me mature and grow as a person, and as a mother. Each day I learn something new from my children while I appreciate and love them. Each day I love them more and more and that love pushes me to be a better wife and mother.
The greatest role model that I had in my life was my Great-Grandmother, or Nanny as I called her. She was so amazing, kind, gentle, loving, and she never raised her voice, no matter how upset she was. I still remember the smell of her favorite powder in her room as I used to put it on to pretend that I was my Nanny. I remember the smell of delicious pancakes shemade for me every morning. I remember making gingerbread people at Christmas time. I remember sitting on her lap when I was upset, rocking and singing to me until I would fall asleep.
These are just a few of my many special memories of her. When my children are grown, I want them to have more than a handful of special memories like these.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!
This morning I was pleasantly surprised to see the dining room table covered with Valentine's decorations complete with candy, rose petals, balloons, a card, and a cute gift bag with...what else but the latest Twilight movie, 'Breaking Dawn!' My sweet husband!
Our sugar-high kids will come home from school to their own version of Valentine's Day! Hope every one is having a great dat!
What are some special things that you haves planned for your husband and kids today?